Upcoming meetings

Each and every year The Crustacean Society meets with other socieities from all around the country to talk about the state of Crustacea and to further academic study of Crustacea. Our upcoming meetings are below.

TCS summer meeting 2025

Date:7-10 July 2025
Registration deadline:TBA
Abstration deadline:TBA
Location:Sorbonne University, Paris, France

After 31 years since the last time The Crustacean Society held its international meeting in Paris, we are delighted to finally welcome you here again for the 2025 TCS Summer Meeting.Although our city is not known to be particularly rich in Crustacea, Paris has been a world-renowned hotspot for crustacean research for more than two centuries since the creation of the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (MNHN). Indeed, many famous scientists, such as Lamarck, Latreille, Henri and Alphonse Milne-Edwards, Guérin-Méneville, Desmarest, Bouvier and Fage to name a few, have worked within its walls. By creating and studying the extensive collections of both recent and fossil specimens, their work has provided much of the foundation of modern crustacean systematics. The crustacean collections of the MNHN are one of the finest and most diverse in the world, dating back to the naturalist expeditions of the 18th century...and the collection continues to expand thanks in part to the expeditions of the Tropical Deep-Sea Benthos (TDSB, formerly MUSORSTOM) program currently led by the MNHN. The first MUSORSTOM cruise in 1976 was an important starting point for a long series of deep-sea cruises in the Indo-Pacific. Under the leadership of Alain Crosnier, a modern pioneer in deep-sea biodiversity research at MNHN, these cruises rewrote the annals of deep-sea biodiversity. The saga of the MUSORSTOM cruises is also intricately linked to the work of Jacques Forest, Michèle de Saint Laurent, Danièle Guinot, and Bertrand Richer de Forges. Inspired and guided by these carcinologists, current exploration programs such as TDSB and La Planète Revisitée (Our Planet Reviewed) led by MNHN researchers are ongoing, providing specimens to the scientific community and contributing to our knowledge of crustaceans all over the world. At Sorbonne University, crustacean research has also been historically very important, with many studies focused on the taxonomy, morpho-anatomy, physiology, and evolution of crustaceans. Notable works by prominent scientists such as Yves Delages at the Roscoff station and by Yves Turquier and Jean Deustch in Paris have contributed to the general fundamental knowledge of crustaceans today.We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you all to our beautiful City of Light for the 2025 TCS Summer Meeting and hope you will have a marvelous time attending the conference and enjoying the Parisian way of life for at least a few days. Bienvenue !

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