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Students are a big part of the Crustacean Society. Whether you are a student looking to get involved and gain valuable experience or you simply want to see the success that our student memebers have achieved, see below.

Student Membership

Price $35

With a purchase of this membership you will receive the following: Full participation in The Crustacean Society meetings with discounted registration, online access to Ecdysiast and Journal of Crustacean Biology, and eligibility to student awards. Remember to renew your membership on the 1st on January every single year to keep the benefits of being a member!

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Summer Programs

Study with us this summer on Appledore Island, Maine! Our courses are only two weeks long but offer 3 university credits each. Scholarship aid available; rolling admissions and aid awards.

*Ecology and the Marine Environment
*Whales, Seals and Sharks: Marine Vertebrates of the Gulf of Maine
*Evolution and Marine Diversity
*Anatomy & Function of Marine Vertebrates
*Underwater Research
*Biodiversity and Biology of Marine Invertebrates
*Field Ornithology
*Field Wildlife Forensics

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